Barware Sets - Decanter/ Pitcher sets

Art Deco Green Hand Blown Shaker & Cordial Glasses, Set of Seven (7)

Set of 7 (seven) Art Deco green hand blown cordial glasses with shaker, 1930?s Germany

Culver Green & 22K Gold Geometric Roly Poly Glasses with Pitcher, Set of Six (6)

Set of 6 (six) Culver green and 22k gold roly poly glasses with pitcher

Art Deco Bimini Pastel Granulated Erotic Cordial Glasses with Decanter, Set of Six (6)

Set of 5 (five) Bimini Werkstatte pastel granulated art deco glasses with decanter

Art Deco Red & White Hand Painted Polka Dot Decanter & Cordial Glasses, Set of Six (6)

Set of 6 (six) Art Deco red and white hand painted polka dot and stripe cordial glasses with decanter

Culver Orange & 22k Gold Gold Scroll Highballs & Pitcher, Set of Five (5)

Set of 5 (five) Culver orange and 22k gold scroll highball glasses with pitcher

Mid Century Bohemian/Czech Ruby Red & Gold Crystal cordial Glasses & Decanter, Set of Six (6)

Czech Bohemian set of 6 (six) hand made crystal ruby red shot glasses with decanter from 1960s

Swedish Art Deco Olive Green Decanter & Cordial Glasses, Set of Six (6)

Set of 6 (six) Swedish art deco olive green cordial glasses with decanter

Hazel Atlas "Gay 90's" Cocktail Shaker with Six (6) Highball & Six (6) Lowball Glasses

Hazel Atlas “Gay 90’s” cocktail shaker set of 6(six) highball and six (six) lowball glasses.

Hazel Atlas Black & Pink "Greek Key" Shaker & Four (4) Tumbler Glasses

Set of 4 (four) Hazel Atlas black greek key and pink striped tumbler glasses with shaker

Culver Ebony Baroque Decanter & Six (6) Footed Martini Glassed

Culver Ebony Baroque pattern with 22k gold decanter and 6 (six) footed martini glasses.

Dorothy Thorpe Gold Fleck Cocktail Pitcher & Set of Six (6) Martini Glasses

Dorothy Thorpe gold fleck brandy snifter style cocktail pitcher with 6(six) martini glasses.

Mid Century Yellow & Black Rocks Glasses with Chrome Shaker

Set of 6 (six) Yellow and Black Scroll Rocks Glasses with Shaker

Mid Century Blue Blown Glass Pitcher & Highballs, Set of Four (4)

Set of 4 (Four) Mid Century Blue Glass Highballs and Pitcher

MCM Liquor Pump Dispenser with Six (6) Shot Glasses and Merry Go Round Caddy

Mid-century modern liquor pump dispenser with 6 color banded shot glasses and chrome merry go round caddy

Product Photo of Georges Briard Fire Extenguisher Shaker Set

Set of 8 (eight) Georges Briard F.D. Thirst Extinguisher in 22k Gold and Black High Ball Glasses with Fire Extinguisher Shaker

Culver "Cranberry Scroll" Footed Martini Glasses with Pitcher, Set of Five (5)

Set of 5 (five) Culver 22k gold and cranberry scroll footed martini glasses with pitcher

Baccarat Cannelures Louis XVI Art Deco Crystal Decanter & Apertif Glasses, circa 1916

Baccarat Cannelures Art Deco period crystal decanter and eight matching glasses. This Baccarat design is known as Cannelures Louis XVI, and appeared in the 1916 Baccarat “Catalogue des Arts de la Table. 1916, France

Rare Art Deco Schlevogt Aquamarine Frosted Crystal Decanter & Six (6) Cordial Glasses

RARE Set of 6 (six) Schlevogt Crystal Aquamarine Blue Art Deco Grape Cluster Bohemian Glasses with Decanter. 1920s RARE Set of 6 (six) Schlevogt Crystal Aquamarine Blue Art Deco Grape Cluster Bohemian Glasses with Decanter. 1920s

Art Deco Blue Cut Glass Decanter with Six (6) Cordial Glasses, 1930s

1930s, Art Deco Czech Blue Glass Decanter Set with 6 cordial glasses.

Early 20th Century Italian Amber Cased Crystal Cordial Glasses with Decanter, Saucers, & Presentation Case

Early 20th Century Liqueur Shot Glasses (set of Six – 6)with Decanter and silver saucers. Argenterie Factory , Made in Florence, Italy.

Dorothy Thorpe Gold Fleck Decanter & Flutes

Set of 4 (four) Dorothy Thrope 22K Gold Fleck Champagne Flutes with Decanter

Product Photo for Culver "Starlyte" Pitcher & Six (6) Small Rocks Glasses

Set 6 (six) Culver “Starlyte” pattern small rocks glasses and pitcher in green and 22k gold

Dorothy Thorpe Silver Stripe Roly Poly Martini Glasses with Pitcher & Stirrer, Set of Six (6)

Set of 6 (six) Dorothy Thorpe roly poly martini glasses with Pitcher and glass stirrer in silver stripe


Culver "Henry VIII" Pitcher with Highball Glasses

Set of 4 (four) Culver Gold “Henry VIII” Rampant Lion glasses with pitcher