Barware Sets - Karl Palda, Sets with Trays or Large Items

Karl Palda Art Deco Burgundy Jazz Design Roly Poly Glasses with Decanter & Tray, Set of Six(6)

Karl Palda Set of 6 (six) red etched enamel cut crystal roly poly glasses with decanter and tray in jazz music design. 1930s

Karl PAlda Art Deco Burgundy Etched & Enameled Cut Crystal Decanter & Rocks Glasses with Tray, Set of Six (6)

Karl Palda Set of 6 (six) geometric burgundy and white etched, enameled cut crystal rocks glasses with decanter and tray. 1930s

Karl Palda Art Deco Burgundy & Yellow Decanter with Cordial Glasses, Set of Six (6)

Set of 6 (six) burgundy and yellow floral pattern Karl Palda Czech Bohemian Art Deco cordial glasses and triangular decanter with decorative finial

Karl Palda Art Deco Burgundy Rose Etched Crystal Decanter & Cordial Glasses, 1930s

Set of 6 (six) Karl Palda burgundy Art Deco bohemian cordial glasses with decanter. 1930s

1930s Karl Palda Burgundy Triangular Decanter & Cordial Glasses, Set of Six (6)

Set of (6) six Karl Palda burgundy bohemian cordial glasses with triangular decanter – 1930

Product Photo for Dorothy Thorpe Gold Fleck Punch Bowl with Ladle & Ten (10) Roly Poly Glasses

Set of 10 (Ten) Dorothy Thorpe in 22k gold fleck roly poly glasses with punch bowl and ladle

Culver "Valencia" Green & 22k Gold Punchbowl with Footed Martini Glasses, Set of Twelve (12)

Culver “Valencia” pattern green and 22k gold punch bowl and set of 12 (twelve) footed martini glasses

Culver Toledo Martini Glasses, Set of Thirteen (13), with Punch Bowl

Set of 13 (thirteen) Culver Toledo in green and 22k gold footed martini glasses and punch bowl


Dorothy Thorpe Gold Rimmed Punch Bowl & 36 Cups

Set of 36 (thirty- six) Dorothy Thorpe Roly handled punch cups plus punch bowl and original ladle trimmed in 22k gold

Set of 14 (fourteen) Dorothy Thorpe silver rimmed roly poly glasses (twelve) with punch bow and ladle

Set of 12 (Twelve) Culver Antigua Small Rocks Glasses and Bowl in 22k Gold


2/11/Gaming and Gambling Set Bakelite 1940’s