Chanel Logo & Mademoiselle Coin Cuff Bracelet

Chanel gilt band bracelet with 7 applied 15/16″ alternating “Mademoiselle” and Chanel logo coins

Chanel Gilt Fringe Earrings with Charms

Chanel gilt fringe earrings with lion, pearl, and floral charms suspended on multi-length chain fringe from cc stud tops.

Chanel 2 5/8" Gilt & Leather 4-Leaf Clover Topped Hoop Earrings, Spring 1994

2 5/8″ Chanel a gilt 4-leaf clover top with black acrylic suspending a 1 1/2″ frozen link hoop woven with black leather Spring 1994

Chanel 83" Gilt Curb Chain with Leather, Pearls & Logo Stations, Autumn 1994

83″ Chanel gilt curb chain woven with black leather & spaced alternately with French wrapped 12mm pearls & double sided logo within a hoop stations – Autumn 1994

Chanel 77" Gilt Curb Chain with Leather & 17 French Wrapped Pearls, Autumn 1993

77″ Chanel continuous gilt curb chain woven with black leather & spaced by 17 French wrapped 12mm pearls – Autumn 1993

Chanel 66 1/2" 4-Leaf Clover & Pearl Necklace, 1983

66 1/2″ Chanel gilt oval link chain necklace spaced by 10 double sided 4-leaf clover stations with logo centers & flanked between 8mm pearls, logo hidden box clasp – 1983

Chanel 31 7/8 Pearl & Logo Disk Necklace, 1980

31 7/8″ Chanel pearl strand necklace spaced by 7 double sided gilt disks covered in embossed CHANEL design – 1980

Chanel 66" Gilt & Leather Curb Chain Necklace with Multi Icon Stations, Spring 1996

66″ Chanel continuous gilt curb chain woven with black leather & spaced with various iconic motif stations -Spring 1996

Chanel 2 3/16" Gilt Quatrefoil Dangle Earrings, Autumn 1996

2 3/16″ Chanel gilt quatrefoil top earrings suspending a larger quatrefoil drop with beaded border logo center, both decorated with granulation/beaded flower & grape motifs – Autumn 1996

Chanel Gilt, Wire Wrapped Doorknocker with Logo Hoop Earrings, Spring 1994

1 13/16″ Chanel gilt fluted front hoop suspending a wirewrapped hoop drop with logo center – Spring 1994

Chanel 2 3/4" Black Acrylic & Seed Pearl Hinged Cuff, 1990s

Chanel black acrylic, gilt and seed pearl hinged cuff bracelet with logo design surrounded by leaf and pearl motif. 7 cm (2 3/4″) wide. 1990?s

Chanel 38" Gilt Flattened Link Chain Necklace, Spring 1993

38″ Chanel a long chain composed of 7/8″ round gilt flat washer-like links with large bolt rings – Spring 1993

Chanel Black & Beige Acrylic Polka Dot Earrings, Autumn 2000

1 3/8″ Chanel black acrylic square top earrings with a gilt logo on beige circle and suspending a black & beige polka dot sphere. Autumn 2000

Chanel Green Wood Grain Acrylic Disk Earrings with Gilt Logo, Spring 1994

1 1/4″ Chanel earrings with gilt logo on prong set acrylic disk with green wood grain design. Spring 1994

Chanel 2 3/4" Gilt Hammered Logo & Beaded Border Hoop Earrings, 1988

2 3/4″ Chanel gilt earrings consisting of a dome suspending a hammered logo within a beaded border hoop. 1988

Chanel 2 1/8" Gilt Diamond Shape Earrings with Pearl Drop, 1990

2 1/8″ Chanel a gilt diamond shape earring with central logo & textured surround suspending a 15mm pearl. 1990

Chanel 14 1/2" Gilt Graduating Wire Work Camellia Necklace, 1990

14 1/2″ Chanel necklace composed of graduated gilt openwork camellia flower stations with logo centers, logo charm in back, design # 3878 – 1990

Chanel 82" Gilt curb Chain & Black Leather Necklace with Pearls & Logos, Autumn 1994

82″ Chanel continuous gilt curb chain woven with black leather & spaced by alternating French wrapped 12mm pearls and double sided logo in circle stations (ref: 10194) – Autumn 1994

Chanel 30" Gilt Flower Chain with Fringed Pendant, Spring 1996

30″ Chanel, a strand composed of gilt flowers with star cutout centers suspending an articulated diamond shape pendant with logo with a fringe of wavy disk ends, logo hook clasp – Spring 1996

Chanel 37 1/4" Gilt OVal Link Chain with Diamond Lattice Stations, 1980

37 1/4″ Chanel gilt oval link chain spaced by 8 paste set diamond shaped stations with a lattice design on reverse – 1980

Chanel 35" Gilt Articulated Curled Cross Pendant Necklace, Spring 1994

35″ Chanel gilt oval link chain suspending an articulated cross with curled back ends & a logo center – spring 1994

Chanel 36 3/4" Double Swag Rope Twist Belt, 1992

36 3/4″ Chanel double swag belt composed of large rope twist rings spaced by a pair of rope twist oval rings, double sided logo on disk charm with a rope twist border

Chanel Double Swag Gilt Curb Chain Belt/Necklace, Spring 1994

33 1/2″ Chanel double swag gilt curb chain belt with 2 logo on disk stations, toggle clasp suspending a 5 1/2″ logo on disk charm from curb chain – Spring 1994

Chanel 2 1/4" Cuff of Overlapping Graduated CC logos, 1991

2 1/4″ wide Chanel cuff composed of graduated logos within a ring, the front arranged in an overlapping diagonal design – 1991