“Anisetta Evangelisti, Liquore da Dessert” Carlo Biscaretti Di Ruffia, 1925

“Anisetta Evangelisti, Liquore da Dessert” Lithograph. Artist: Carlo Biscaretti Di Ruffia (1879-1959) Circa. 1925. 39″x 55″

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Artist: Carlo Biscaretti Di Ruffia(1879-1959)

Historical Background: One of the most famous and whimsical posters in history. In a dizzying arena of alcohol advertisements, and a saturated market for liquors, Evangelista needed something immediately eye-catching. This funky monkey did the trick. It is said that Anisetta Liquore Company’s competitor mascot was a monkey and Di Ruffa purposely illustrated the monkey drinking the dessert liquor to poke fun at their competitor.  Printed in 1925.