“Favor: Simle, Pratique, Elegant” Pierre Bellenger, Jacques Bellenger, 1937

Favor ?Simple, Pratique, Elegant? lithograph. Artists: Pierre Bellenger (1909-1993) Jacques Bellenger (1903-1985) Circa. 1950. 44 3/4 x 61?, framed

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Artists: Jacques Bellenger (1909 – 1984)

Pierre Bellenger (1909- ?)

Historical Background: Printed in 1937 for Favor Motorcycles. From 1919 to 1959, Favor was a “simple, practical, and elegant” brand of French motorcycles—the casual scarlet-hued rider applying her lipstick in the mirror certainly embodies this ideal. The Bellenger (twin) brothers were infamous French artists who created many colorful lithographs for this motorcycle company.

44 ¾” x 61”  Canvas Backed, Framed